Check out the full article, published on Seeking Alpha here.

As product delays have become the norm for Research In Motion (RIMM), their upcoming Jan. 30, 2013 launch of Blackberry 10 has been long anticipated. Developer testing of the new operating platform and phone has sparked excitement and positive reviews, keeping a declining number of loyal Blackberry users hopeful and happy for their long overdue upgrades. Despite the new Blackberry finally being comparable to competing smartphones, it will only allow RIM to temporarily stay afloat in a market saturated with Android and iPhone users. RIM will continue to lag behind Apple (AAPL), Samsung (SSNLF.PK) and Google (GOOG), and be unable to break through the high switching barriers to win the heart of consumers and regain market share.

The upcoming launch of Blackberry 10 is a large step for RIM, but is only a small step to regain market share. Regardless of the tech specs of the next phone, RIM continues to face challenges of retaining their existing customer base, due to shifting away from their core competencies. The recent stock surge initiated by hopeful investors should be taken with caution, as new innovation with BB10 likely will not attract existing Android and iPhone users.

Check out the full article, published on Seeking Alpha here.



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