Read my full article, published here on Seeking Alpha.

It comes as no surprise that the share price of BlackBerry (BBRY), formerly Research in Motion, is within the $12-13 range again following the Jan. 30, 2013 BlackBerry 10 launch. In the two weeks leading up to the event, the share price surged from the $11-12 range to reach a high of $18.18 on Jan. 25, only to plummet back down within the week of the announcement.

This was a result of investors buying the rumour and selling the news, and also major investor disappointment of phone availability dates. The issue is that nothing new and groundbreaking was announced about the BlackBerry 10 OS and the Z10 and Q10 phones. All of the features of the new platform were already announced at the BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 event back in September 2012.

However, the two details that everyone was watching for were either a disappointment (Z10 touch screen phone is not available in the U.S. until March), or wasn’t even announced (no word on when the Q10 phone with the physical keyboard would be brought to market).

It’s clear that BlackBerry wasn’t bluffing, and their new OS and phones are quality products that can compete with the existing market. However, the surge in share price from high expectations leading up to the launch was matched by a decline, as BlackBerry had already shown investors all their cards prior to the launch. With control over both the hardware and software of the BB10 system, BlackBerry still has a few aces up their sleeve that could put them ahead of competitors in the long-term.

Read my full article, published here on Seeking Alpha.



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