Carol Kong is an honours graduate of the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto, specializing in Infrastructure and Transportation, and in Business. She is passionate about art and fashion, and offers her ideas on various brands, products, and markets. From the perspective of an emerging consumer, Carol examines brands and their strategic market positions based on personal experience.

Connect with Carol

https://twitter.com/CarolKong  LinkedIn-CarolKong  facebook-CarolKong  http://seekingalpha.com/author/carol-kong

On Engineering

Carol is currently a Transportation Planner at HDR, a global Architecture and Engineering consulting firm, formerly iTRANS – a specialized consulting practice in transportation planning services for public and private sector clients. Carol has experience working on municipal and regional roads planning, and public transit projects. Her project coordination and technical experience includes transit planning, safety assessments, transportation master plans, environmental assessments, traffic impact studies, traffic data collection, functional design reviews, drainage and hydrology assessments, utility coordination, GIS mapping and analysis, and preliminary and detailed highway design.

On Investing

Carol’s investing principles are based on a hybrid of value and growth investing, and other lessons learned from great investors such as Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, Seymour Schulich, and Jim Rogers. The essence of her investing philosophy is to find strong companies with high growth potential, trading below their intrinsic value (growth stocks at a reasonable price), and to follow Lynch’s advice of investing in what she knows. Carol’s investment articles are published on Seeking Alpha. She is as a gold certified contributor, indicating quality and voluntary adherence to objective compliance standards.

Seeking Alpha Certified


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